Our Story

Pretoria boys, born and bred, we have experienced some of life’s wonders and tragedies which has encouraged us to return to our grass roots. We have served across the globe and spent significant periods of time in hostile environments, challenging our bodies, minds and personal lives.

We used our extensive experience, skillset and understanding of operational environments to provide the best materials, equipment and tools to the general and commercial markets. In 2021, we decided to open Strategic Armour to challenge the market and bring the best products available to the wholesale and retail markets.

Our products and services are led through understanding and in-depth market research, followed by extensive in-house testing to ensure that we provide a product that is fit for purpose, practical and adaptable for the end user.

We only deliver what we would personally use, and we are constantly improving and progressing our products and services to stay in line with the most modern applications and requirements within the self defence sector.

Meet The Team