Specialist Services

We specialize in providing high-quality operational support, product procurement, security services, and training to our clients.

Operational Support: We understand that our clients need reliable operational support to carry out their missions effectively. Our team consists of experts in logistics, supply chain management, and strategic planning, who work closely with our clients to provide them with the resources they need to succeed in their operations. From transportation to equipment maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to support our clients’ operational needs.

Product Procurement: We offer a wide range of in-house armour products, including body armour and ballistic helmets. Our product procurement team also works to ensure that our clients receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We take pride in our ability to source hard-to-find products and specialize in customized solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Security Services: We provide comprehensive security services, including risk assessments, threat analysis, and security planning, to help our clients mitigate risks and protect their personnel and assets. Our security professionals are highly trained and experienced.

Training: Our training programs are designed to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to operate safely and effectively in challenging environments. We offer a wide range of training programs.

Strategic Armour Solutions are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your operational objectives.